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Esse curso foi construído para que você saiba iniciar nesse mercado e transformar a Análise Comportamental em uma estratégia eficaz para conquistar novos clientes, gerar novos projetos nos clientes atuais e transformar seus conhecimentos em faturamento.

Days 05, 06 and 07/07 at 20h. Live, online and no replay.

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This course is mandatory for:

  • Who  IT IS NOT  behavioral analyst and want to start in this market with a differentiated service, mastering the best sales strategies to quickly leverage your career.

  • Who  ALREADY  analyst, wants to differentiate himself in the market, sell more easily and multiply his results.

  • Who is it  psychologist, coach, HR professional, trainer or consultant  and want to expand your billing possibilities, make a career transition or start your own business.

What will you learn in this course?

Understand the 4 most current types of Behavioral Profile, which make the analysis more complete and strategic and differentiate you in the market.

Discover the DISC and discover all the advantages it brings to your results.

Discover the difference between profile analysis and behavioral mapping.

How to turn Behavioral Analysis into 5 different highly hired and profitable services.

How to avoid the most common mistakes that are made in selling and performing behavioral analysis.

Understand who they are and the needs of the customers who hire the most and pay the best for these services.

How to use behavioral analysis to leverage sales of your other services.

Learn online and offline strategies to attract paying customers and close profitable contracts more easily and quickly.

Days 5, 6 and 7/7 at 20h. Live, online and no replay.

I believe that it is possible to design, plan and build extraordinary lives, careers and businesses through self-knowledge, commitment and focused action and that coaching is one of the best ways to do this.

Helping people who want to develop their skills, whether to act on their personal side or to improve their careers as leaders or managers of people, sell more or even just to be the "coaches of their own life".

* Specialist in Limiting Beliefs

* Behavioral Profile Specialist
* Coaching Process. (Life | Career | Leaders)

* Family Constellation
* Corporate Training

* Development and Leadership (DL)

* Hypnosis
* HR Management Consulting
* Speaker with themes related to Development
        Human and Corporate:

- Profile Analyst Training

- Emotional intelligence

- Sales and Trading in NLP

- Power and High Performance 

Mapeamento Comportamental logo PNG.png

DIA 27 a 29/01

Ao vivo, online e sem replay.

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